The jewelry company requires employees, work remotely

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    The jewelry company requires employees, work remotely! From ANY country in the world !!!
    The company has been working for more than a year, but only from 08.25.2019 opened the borders for international cooperation !!!
    Payments weekly! - to your card or account Perfect Mani.
    Calculations of income are in dollars! Those. if the rate grows, so does income, but we won’t suck our paw for a penny !!!
    The network of offline stores is constantly expanding, being a guarantee of the company's stability (800 is planned! In every city of our country). Only 585 gold and 925 silver
    - Recommend our network of jewelry stores and we will thank you with a referral bonus of 10 to 21% of the cost of each purchase of your client.
    - We work on cashback (we return to the client from 130% of the cost of jewelry)
    - For customers, not only beautiful products but also an investment, one of the most reliable!
    If you have questions - write!

    Do not chase money - go meet them! (Aristotle Onassis)
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